Samsung Master of Business Card Throwing

Samsung’s HMX H205 digital camcorder, about to be released to the market, is being promoted in a viral video campaign featuring a master business card thrower. Footage of the guy’s tricks are captured on the new camera, including popping balloons, knocking over cans, cups and cigarettes, firing the Samsung cards between closed doors and through open windows, “Capture the true beauty of each HD moment”. The video directs viewers to a video review of the camera at

Samsung Business Card Thrower

Click on the image below to play the Business Card video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Review video in YouTube


The Business Card stunt film was developed and seeded by The Viral Factory.

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  • Fantastic. Is that guy for real? I wish I’d been able to throw my baseball and hockey cards like that back in the school playground(showing my age).

  • Zeid

    AMAZING!! I want to learn how to do that. I want to contact him.

    • Jonesy

      Does he have a business card, or has he thrown them all out?

  • alex

    show me how to throw a playing card far and steps

  • alex

    can you send me some business card please