Samsonite Bull Fight

The Samsonite Spinners suitcase is showcased in a dramatic face-off between a graceful Matador and majestic bull in “Bullfight”, a commercial produced by Moxie and Superfad. “Bull Fight” channels the power and force of a Western showdown while showcasing the beauty and effortless functionality of the Samsonite Spinners.

Superfad Bull Fight

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Bull Fight ad was developed at Connelly Partners, Boston, by creative director Alyssa D’Arienzo Toro, copywriter Nick Bontaites, art director Jonah Hulbert, producer Alyson Singer, brand director Dana Wantman, senior brand supervisor Elyse Kelly.

Filming was shot by director Will Hyde/Superfad via Moxie Pictures with director of photography Kevin McKnight, line producer Lisa Shaw, head of production Roger Zorovich and executive producer Lizzie Schwartz.

Visual effects and finish were produced at Superfad by executive creative director Will Hyde, creative director David Viau, compositors Joel Voelker, Shuyi Wu, Paulo Dias, editor Andrew Maggio, producer Nannette Buroker, executive producer Chris Volckmann.

Colorist was Jeff Tillotson at Lightpress.

Music was produced at Human Worldwide.

Matador Christian Aparicio was cast for authenticity, passion and movement while the bull was handled with care and shot solo, then integrated in the dreamlike environment.