Samsonite Bull Fight

The Samsonite Spinners suitcase is showcased in a dramatic face-off between a graceful Matador and majestic bull in “Bullfight”, a commercial produced by Moxie and Superfad. “Bull Fight” channels the power and force of a Western showdown while showcasing the beauty and effortless functionality of the Samsonite Spinners.

Superfad Bull Fight

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The Bull Fight ad was developed at Connelly Partners, Boston, by creative director Alyssa D’Arienzo Toro, copywriter Nick Bontaites, art director Jonah Hulbert, producer Alyson Singer, brand director Dana Wantman, senior brand supervisor Elyse Kelly.

Filming was shot by director Will Hyde/Superfad via Moxie Pictures with director of photography Kevin McKnight, line producer Lisa Shaw, head of production Roger Zorovich and executive producer Lizzie Schwartz.

Visual effects and finish were produced at Superfad by executive creative director Will Hyde, creative director David Viau, compositors Joel Voelker, Shuyi Wu, Paulo Dias, editor Andrew Maggio, producer Nannette Buroker, executive producer Chris Volckmann.

Colorist was Jeff Tillotson at Lightpress.

Music was produced at Human Worldwide.

Matador Christian Aparicio was cast for authenticity, passion and movement while the bull was handled with care and shot solo, then integrated in the dreamlike environment.

  • Dr Phil Higham

    Utterly disgusting. That Samsonite chooses to glorify bullfighting – the systematic torture and killing of magnificent animals for human “entertainment” – is both irresponsible and appalling. I for one will be boycotting all Samsonite products and persuading everyone I know to do the same.

  • Dr Kay Dudman

    Obscene. It is disgusting that Samsonite should use a bullfight to promote its products. Do ***not*** buy Samsonite products. Encourage your friends to boycott them. Ring and complain:

    Samsonite Head Office (UK): 020 8561 4043
    Call from outside the UK: +44 20 8561 4043

    Check your local area:

    Connelly Partners, Moxie Pictures, Superfad and Lightpress should be ashamed of themselves.

    They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Really? We’ll soon find out, won’t we.

  • Awful, I’ll never buy Samsonite anymore. Insensitive to the bulls and the people who abhorr this type of violence.

  • claire

    should not support buul fifgting dont buy these products

  • claire

    ban bull fighting

  • Many, many years ago, all over the world, (and, alas, still, in some parts), we turned a blind eye to humans who were mentally retarded or challenged in some mental or physical way. Now we know better, and seek to help and care for these people. We have also, in most parts of the world, come round to trying to treat animals with greater compassion and sensitivity, trying to make the process of slaughter for meat less painful and more humane. The reason for these changes is that we are the greatest animal on earth, capable of more than any other, not only in terms of our power, but our ability to create, analyse and have empathy and compassion. The other animals we share this planet with may not have all of the above traits, but they have their own, and, indeed, some of their powers are greater than ours. Their sensitivities are certainly heightened, which is why we use them to help us in so many ways, when we aren’t eating them. It follows that we should treat all creatures with compassion and care, and not treat them cruelly or exploit them. We should not use them for sport or entertainment; this is something from the past which we should be ashamed of, and have stopped to a larger extent, as we have become more evolved. To make changes and phase our traditions is not easy, and yet, some simply have to occur, like bear baiting, cock and dog fighting, the suppression of women and black people, to name but a few. We are too great to senselessly continue with a tradition like bullfighting, for commercialism, sport and entertainment; it is anachronistic, and more importantly, it is turning a blind eye to the pain of the animal. Once we have eradicated traditions which cause suffering, on people and animals, we can realize our true humanity, and once we have recognized compassion for all other species, it is my firm belief that we will recognize it more deeply for humanity also, and will have make a further step towards the eradication of all violence against one another. To use bullfighting as an aid to publicity is immoral and prostituting what might, in fact, be a good product.

  • It is shameful that Samsonite finds it appropriate to associate its brand name with the world’s most cruel and barbaric blood sport. Many would surely agree that using a bullfighting theme in a marketing campaign is in very poor taste indeed. Join our appeal to Samsonite to withdraw this offensive ad:

  • kelvin thomas

    Don’t buy Samsonite!!! They don’t realise how cruel bullfighting is or maybe they’ve been suckered in thinking it’s a really brave sport

  • Anne T.

    This is a disgrace!!!! how can Samsonite justify using the agony and suffering of an animal to promote this product!

    Shame on them!!
    Bullfighting is cruelty and torture, the bull is subject to the most brutal and shocking treatment imaginable!
    I demand they withdraw this sickening commercial immediately!

  • Catherine Turley

    animal rights is hot now. any smart marketing firm would capitalize on that. this ad might get attention, but it won’t get customers. in fact, samsonite will lose customers who are ticked off. they could’ve easily made an edgy, pro-animal commercial and gained both attention and sales.

  • Jenny

    Samsonite didn’t give a second’s thought to the bulls that suffer so badly, nor to the people that are upset by their ad. I would never buy from them now and I think they should apologise and make a donation to PETA or a similar organisation. Shame on them.

  • Simone Brennan

    You’ve slipped up big-time here, Samsonite. Let’s spell it out for you, shall we ? Bullfighting – and all bull fiestas, such as they are – are cruel. You and your agencies can’t have done your research. . . .you couldn’t be more out of touch and mor politically incorrect if you tried. Yes, you’ve raised awareness of your product – but you’ve shot yourself in the foot, and probably paid an advertising agency, and cameramen, and lighting techs, et al a fortune. . . .only to prove your ignorance. Do a little of the research you should have done before you started. Forget the twaddle about the grace of a matador etc – read about how the bull is abused, disadvantaged, sometimes given electric shocks, given laxatives, dehydrated. . . .before it is ‘let into the bullring’. You’d call that a fair fight, would you ? So you think the animal that emerges into the ring is up and ready for a fight, do you? Oh yes, of course, silly me, your graceful, skilled matador would have enlightened you of these facts ?

    You’re a disgrace, Samsonite, and so is every person who is so proudly named in the credits. Blood money.

  • pat myers

    This is in exstremly poor taste! To try and sell a product by glorifying a cruel&abusive bloody sport!

  • Pam

    At a time when people in Spain, and the rest of the world, are continually protesting and opposing the barbaric business of bullfighting, I find it incomprehensible that Samsonite saw fit to associate its brand name with that abhorrent activity – no way can it be regarded as “sport.” What a slap in the face for those decent citizens of Spain, and the genuinely brave activists who are fighting against these despicable blood spectacles. To use a bullfighting theme in a marketing campaign reflects extremely badly on all those involved, and indicates being out of touch (with public opinion) and ignorance (of the true reality of the corrida ) hardly desirable attributes in the advertising business. They’ve certainly lost customers over this – let’s face it, luggage is not something we replace every week, but when it comes time to replace mine, the one brand I most definitely WON’T be buying is Samsonite!

  • Wendy Forster

    Stupid little men with little brains. Take a good look at yourselves – pathetic!!

  • Margaret S

    This commercial is sending out the wrong message,i really feel strongly about this and feel it should be removed.

  • Jane Burgess

    Samsonite have made a grave mistake in choosing to associate themselves with this cruel and brutal bloodsport.
    The best thing they can do is pull the ad and go back to the drawing board in an effort to find something that people will not find so offensive.

  • Savannah

    Every time i think of “Spain” or “Spanish” i think of animal cruelty. You will never see me go on vacation there, i would never support what they think is “entertainment”!

  • Michel Michaeljohn

    Bullfighting is the most indefensible type of animal abuse. It is not a “fight” at all. It’s a systematic “torture-killing” that pits a gang of armed thugs against a lone, terrified; disabled and wounded animal.

    Bullfighting is a “sickening” economic industry based on “HORRIFYING” victimization; sadistic abuse; extreme cruelty and “mutilation and torture” of innocent bulls (and horses) during the cruel exhibitions of “bullfights” (which are “blood” fiestas).

    The continuation of bullfighting depends on government subsidies and the “tourist” industry. Don’t be an accomplice to this “savagery” by supporting it with your dollars.

    My family; friends and I will be BOYCOTTING all Samsonite products.

    Michel Michaeljohn; California; United States.

  • Michel Michaeljohn

    Your “Pro”-Bullfight commercial for the “mutilation and torture” of innocent bulls (and horses) in the sadistic and “perverted” entertainment of bullfights is “repulsive; stomach-churning and disgraceful.”

    Michel Michaeljohn; California; United States.

  • Ms. V

    If Catalonians can say NOT IN MY NAME, what doesn’t Samsonite understand about this socially abhorent blood sport.

    I am ashamed to think that a company of this stature would fall for this campaign.

    Boycott Samsonite until they publicly apologise and withdraw this from the public domain.