Roca Barcelona Gallery

Roca Barcelona Gallery is an architectural space designed for Roca to convey its image, philosophy and bathroom product range. The Barcelona centre, the first of a series, is an innovative smart building with a floor space of 2400 m2 spread over three floors, designed by Carlos Ferrater’s Office of Architecture Barcelona. The Gallery’s multimedia experience was recognised with Gold (Rituals) and Silver (Momentum) Design Lions at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2010.

Roca Bathroom Rituals at Roca Barcelona Gallery

Click on the image below to play the Introductory video.

Rituals, an interactive installation, is based on the every day rhythms associated with the bathroom space. Getting ready in the morning, coming home in the evening, getting ready to go out: we follow the same rituals from one day to the next. And the bathroom is a vital part of many of these rituals. The Rituals installation features full-scale projections with steam that can then be “wiped away” in response to the movement of the viewers.

Click on the image below to play the Rituals video.

Fluxus is an audiovisual mural that clothes the showroom in a liquid cloak, as a metaphor for the brand’s spirit.
12 pieces conceptually illustrate the values of cutting-edge design and technology. A row of 55 screens creates the 50-metre long videowall that runs all the way round the ground floor.

Click on the image below to play the Fluxus video.

Momentums are experiential pieces that use water and ice as themes, taking over the space visually and aurally interrupting the FLUXUS audiovisual every three minutes. The elements move forward from the surrounding screens to 12 large interactive tables, creating a sensation of being completely enveloped, a feeling enhanced by the sound effects.

Click on the image below to play the Momentums video.

Click on the image below to play the Products video.

Click on the image below to play the Interactive Tables video.


The Roca Barcelona Gallery was designed by Carlos Ferrater and team at Office of Architecture Barcelona.

The Roca Barcelona Gallery experience was designed at Tiempo BBDO Barcelona by chief creative officer Siscu Molina, creative director Jordi Comas, copywriter Siscu Molina, art director Jordi Comas, TV Production Manager Anna Morell, strategy and communication director Bibiana Del Alcázar, account supervisor Lara Balcells, with Roca Communication Manager Xavier Torras.

Filming was shot by director Paul Freeth via BooLab with executive producer Lucas Elliot.

Interactive experience was produced at Cuatic.

Roca Barcelona Gallery

Roca Barcelona Gallery

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