Robin of Shoreditch

From the country that gave us Robin of Sherwood (Robin Hood) comes Robin of Shoreditch, a mysterious band of creative renegades with a scheme for redistributing the wealth of the world’s top 100 brands to people who need support in Haiti. Every Monday Robin of Shoreditch is posting a new creative idea for a Brandz-ranked top 100 brand on their Vimeo video channel. In return, they are asking the brand to donate 1/10,000,000 of their value (as in 2009) as a fee to go the DEC Haiti appeal. The videos are not pretty finished products of public persuasion. They’re conceptual challenges designed to help the brand address a significant business challenge. See more on the campaign at the Robin of Sherwood blog, Twitter page, Facebook profile and Just Giving site. Featured here are the introductory concept video along with offerings for Nike and McDonalds.

Robin of Shoreditch 100 Brandz brands


Shoreditch is an area in London’s East End, close to Hoxton, with a high proportion of people working in creative industries and online companies. See Urban Dictionary for the definition of Shoreditch Twat.

The Robin of Shoreditch video uses “15 Step” by Radiohead. The Nike/Hasbro video uses “Be Somebody” by Kings of Leon. The McDonalds video uses “Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)” by Arcade Fire.

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