Reebok Reezig Chad Ochocinco

Reebok has launched a new television commercial advertising “Reezig” in the American market, another element in the “Ree” marketing platform. The US version of the “Reezig” TV spot features Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco (also known as Chad Johnson) running through a fitness track in animated form. The campaign uses the unique, iconic “geometric zig zag shape” outsole to reinforce the benefit ZIGTECH technology provides as it absorbs the impact of heel strike and sends a wave of energy along the length of the shoe to help propel the athlete forward with each step. “The energy drink for your feet”.

Reezig Energy Drink

Rich Prenderville, Reebok’s Head of Global Marketing, talks about the thinking behind the Reezig advertising campaign…

“With the ZigTech ad, we leveraged the most noticeable visual element from the product and created a whole animated world of fun and sport that is powered by this technology. The discovery elements within the spot, and Chad’s smile at the end, reinforces the brand’s fun approach and attitude and differentiates us from the way many other sports brands would approach the same story.”


The TV spots were created by DDB Berlin.

Viral Activity

Reebok is the brand said to be behind the viral video featuring Ochocinco running naked through Hollenbeck Park.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

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  • Emily

    What’s the name of the song in the reezig commercial?

    • Mike

      I believe it is called Zigedy-Zigedac, a song owned by Reebok which has not yet released it.

  • vishal

    were do they sell them

  • Danny

    i hear the shoes are great but were do you get them ( Canada rocks )

  • cody

    I have a pair and hey are gooood shoes.. i love them

  • Boofus

    This seems like an ad targeted at “special” people. Energy drink for your feet??? Am I trapped in an episode of family guy? This truly is the most hilarious and ridiculous ad campaign slogan I’ve heard since the Nike pump made people jump higher. I had no idea that Peter griffin had been hired as head of advertising at reebok.