Qualcomm Butterfly Attacks

Qualcomm, a wireless telecommunications research and development company in the USA, is behind the Butterfly Attack viral videos released on the internet this week. Cheryl Goodman, Director of PR and Marketing for Qualcomm’s MEMS Technology division addresses the country regarding the rash of vicious butterfly attacks first caused by stolen prototypes of mirasol display devices, captured in Palo Alto and Happy Hollow Park, San Jose. The story is online at Facebook.

Qualcomm Public Announcement on Butterfly Attacks

Click on the image below to play the Palo Alto Butterfly Attack video.

Click on the image below to play the San Jose Butterfly Attack video.

Click on the image below to play the emergency press conference video.

Advice on Entering Butterfly Territory, from Dante Manscup

  • Avoid surprising butterflies at close range. When walking outdoors, make your presence known. Wear a bell, talk loudly, sing songs you know the words to.
  • Safety in numbers. When outdoors in butterfly country, always remember to travel with a group, preferably comprised of a judo master, a bomb technician, a German Shepherd dog, an entomologist, a skilled archer, your dad, an engineer, somebody with nothing to lose, and somebody you don’t like. This will increase the odds of your survival.
  • Avoid peak butterfly hours. Butterflies are most active from 6am to 3am. This leaves you 3 hours everyday to go outside. Note: avoid going outside on a solstice altogether.

In the horrible case that you encounter a butterfly.

  • Remain calm. Panic and fear only gives the butterfly more pleasure and a greater sense of accomplishment.
  • These are achievement-hungry beings, moreso than even humans, so be sure not to give them that satisfaction.
  • If you see it before it sees you, run away. In other words, accept your blessings.
  • Butterflies do not bluff. Some dangerous animals, like bears, will charge and then veer off at the last minute in order to frighten you into leaving. Bears are amateurs. Butterflies play for keeps. If a butterfly is madly flapping towards your face, it will attack your face.
  • You cannot hide. The physical anatomy of a butterfly precludes your ability to hide: they can fly higher than you can climb and they can fit into smaller spaces than you.


The Butterfly Attack campaign was developed at The Viral Factory, edited by Brady Hollengren, produced by Cathleen Alexander. Visual effects were produced by 23D Films and Jeff Wu.