Pot Noodle Van is Here

Pot Noodle has launched Pot Noedle, the new four minute Roast Turkey and Stuffing flavour dish, with a satirical animated commercial, ‘The Noodle Van is here’. Tipping their hat to all the celebrated Christmas marketing campaigns and clichés out there, AKQA has created a tongue in cheek winter warmer, minus fluffiness and glorified perfection, but complete with popular culture references from the year that was 2010. The 1 minute 15 second online animation shows a nation enchanted by the arrival of a boldly lit Pot Noodle van which delivers a four minute ‘Pot Noeldle’ Christmas dinner to a cosy British family home. As the Noodle van soars through town streets, people can’t help but stop their activities and get in to the festive spirit of things.

Pot Noodle Van commercial

Click on the image below to play the video.


Guess who’s here
Bringing you festive cheer?
The Noodle Man
Is driving his crap old van

Turkey bits
And trimmings too good to miss
Better get the kettles on quick

And now our kettle’s overflowing with joy
“Pot Noeldle” they sing (Peel back the foil)
Even the shiny lid that’s supplied
Is good tree bling

Come and take your seat to eat
And breathe in deep
That mulled wine sachet sauce
In every land around the world everybody knows
It’s Pot Noeldle time of course!

Love from Pot Noodle


The Noodle Van ad was developed at AKQA by creative director James Hilton, client partner Richard Hedges, account manager Melanie Craig, agency producer Quiche Campbell, director Seth Watkins, producer Guy Thomson,
lighting and compositing lead Christian Mills, lighting assistant Ricky Gregory, lead animator Eva Bennett, lead modelmaker Ahmed Hussein.

Original music was produced at Adelphoi Music, London by composer Jamie Masters, lyricists James Hilton and Charlotte Davis, and producer Sean Atherton. Sound was designed at Grand Central Studios, London by sound engineer Tristan Rose.

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