P&G Proud Sponsor of Moms

Procter & Gamble is running a “Thanks, Mom” campaign as part of their sponsorship of the USA Olympics team at Vancouver 2010. The advertising campaign highlights the role of mothers and provides them help with travel expenses. The campaign adds to its earlier support of the team with sponsorship dollars, a Vancouver family meeting place and advertising deals with such stars as skier Lindsey Vonn and speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno. The television and online commercials can be found on the Thanks Mom YouTube channel. Here’s the best of the bunch. To their moms, Team USA athletes will always be kids…

P&G USA Ski Kid

Click on the image below to play the Kids video in YouTube

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P&G is paying for the Vancouver Olympics Family Home, which serves as a meeting place for athletes and families to watch events, eat, and pick up tickets. Athletes with children in diapers can try out a new version of Pampers.

Click on the image below to play the Family Housewarming Party video in YouTube

In “No Mom left behind”, the company has offered athletes’ mothers or another key figure in team members’ lives pre-loaded debit cards to help with expenses. Amounts weren’t disclosed, but P&G officials described them as significant.


The Thanks Mom campaign was developed at Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, by executive creative directors Mark Fitzloff and Susan Hoffman, creative directors Eric Baldwin and Jason Bagley, copywriter Lark Lieberman, art director Ryan O’Rourke, agency executive producer Ben Grylewicz, agency producer Shelley Eisner.

Filming for “Kids” was shot by director Daniel Kleinman via Epoch Films, Los Angeles, and Rattling Stick, London, with executive producer Jerry Solomon, line producers Johnnie Frankel and Jennifer Barrons, and director of photography Carl Nilsson.

Editor was Kirk Baxter at Rock Paper Scissors with post executive producer Carol Lynn Weaver and post producer Tricia Sanzero Butler.

Visual effects were produced at A52 by VFX supervisor/Flame artist Patrick Murphy and VFX producer Megan Meloth. Titles and graphics were produced at Brand New School.

Music and sound design were produced at Future Perfect by composer John Connolly and sound designer Brian Emrich at Trinitite Studios. Sound was mixed by Jeff Payne at Eleven Sound.

“Never Walk Alone” was shot by director Dante Ariola via MJZ with executive producer Jeff Scruton, line producer Nathalie Hill, and director of photography Fred Elmes. Editor Adam Pertofsky at Rock Paper Scissors with post producer Suzy Ramirez and post executive producer Linda Carlson.

Visual effects were produced at A52 by Flame artist Andy McKenna, VFX producer Erin Sullivan. Titles and graphics were produced at Brand New School.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone”, by Rodgers & Hammerstein, was performed by Shirley Bassey, and edited at Stimmung by producer Ceinwyn Clark.

  • Chris

    Dear P&G

    I read today that P&G is the proud sponsor of Olympic contender’s Moms with its “Thanks Mom” campaign developed by W&K.

    As a father, I am offended by this blatant, sexist, and deliberate slight to fathers. It compounds the social problem of the denigration of fathers, and is a very public statement that fathers are disposable, unnecessary, and irrelevant. It is particularly disconcerting when in both the United States and Canada, that fathers do not walk out on their families nearly to the extent that mothers push the fathers out unilaterally, and then do their level best to poison children against their own fathers. It is a very real social problem, and is compounded by your biased anti-father, pro-mom campaign.

    It is particularly ironic in the face of the fact that Apolo Anton Ohno was sponsored by the “Thanks Mom” campaign, that his own mother walked out on him when he was a young child, and that he was raised by his father.

    You should know that men and fathers are very tired of being slighted, made fun of, denigrated, unmentioned, and taken for granted.

    I, for one, will do my level best to avoid P&G products whenever possible as the direct result of this campaign, and I will tell everyone I know to do the same.

    I sincerely hope that in the future you consider uplifting everyone instead of only mothers or women.

    Best regards for your better choices in the future,


    • heather

      You’re clearly unappreciated by your family, Chris, and that’s unfortunate. I’d sincerely suggest that you let your family know that their lack of appreciation hurts your feelings. No bs. I think parents, mothers and fathers both, are often taken for granted by each other and their children. Some fathers and mothers thrive off of appreciation, while others would do everything expected of them and more without a lick of thanks or acknowledgment.
      I’d sincerely suggest that you refrain from telling anyone that noticing and appreciating a female parent is sexist, unless of course you don’t mind women saying the same when a company goes out of their way to campaign fathers. A little grace goes a long way.

      It wouldn’t hurt anyone to be appreciated or acknowledged a little more in this society, whether it be mothers or fathers.

      Heather, a thankful daughter.

      • Dave

        You Heather either haven’t a clue that Chris is factually correct or, you do but like so many Liberated females you so slyly opt out without a Conscience knowing darn well that fathers have been screwed with their children {too} since the early 70s. You RESEARCH before you respond to Chris or any man Ms. , because a simpleton knows what has been occurring over 5 decades in the so called western family life. As a young man I would never ever consider planting a seed without a pre-nuptial arrangement signed, sealed, delivered and stamped as “Legal”. Otherwise, there’s a 60% risk rate including financial, emotional, mental, and familial LOSSES for fathers MORE than mothers and you know this. One thing no mother can take from a father is his spiritual connection to the Almighty…none of you can rob of us of this just as George Bailey said to Potter, “I know what bothering you, You want something you can’t have and it’s eating away at you.”

  • Frill Artist

    Wow. What a stupid sexist commercial. I appreciate my mom as much as the next guy but I was raised in a two parent home – my DAD and mom. Not just my mom. So this whole “oh, it’s only mothers who raise Olympians or it’s only moms who care about their children” is just more BS propaganda. When possible, I will try to avoid buying any of their products. What a bunch of dopes!

    • Dave

      I couldn’t agree more with “Frill Artist” who is 100% accurate that P & G is yet another example that permeates our culture where it is ALL about the Moms and if this keeps up, fathers will become not only obsolete as feminism desires but ticked off even more than now yet relieved not having to deal with the sexism that comes with ALL the single mothers in our devastated culture. P & G, you won’t hear from men here but most will react the same way when they see your TV Ad easily muted.