Perth Zoo Elephant Artists

Perth Zoo in Western Australia has commissioned elephants to produce art for the conservation cause. Using paintbrushes, their trunks and even their feet, Tricia, Putra Mas and Permai create paintings as part of an enrichment program designed to keep them stimulated, healthy and happy. Paintings are being sold from $39.95, with the proceeds going towards Perth Zoo’s Wildlife Conservation Action to help protect threatened species worldwide. Print advertising for the campaign presents the elephants with the personas of Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol.

Perth Zoo Elephant Art Salvador Dali

Perth Zoo Elephant Art Vincent Van Gogh

Perth Zoo Elephant Art Warholi


The Elephant Art advertising campaign was developed at The Brand Agency, Perth, by creative director Craig Buchanan, art director Danielle Glenister, copywriter Mitch Mitchell, account directors Paul Yole and Sharon Chalwell.

Retouching was done by Nicola Commons, The Brand Agency, and Lightfarm Studios, Auckland, New Zealand.

About Ele Art

Elephants are natural artists. They are well known to doodle in the dirt with sticks — from a basic scratching to quite intricate ‘designs’. Using paintbrushes, their trunks and their feet, Perth Zoo’s elephants create striking and unique works of art. Ele Art is part of Perth Zoo’s enrichment program to keep its elephants stimulated, healthy and happy. The paints used are water and vegetable based and non-toxic. Tricia, Putra Mas and Permai each paint with their own distinctive style and colour-preference.