Pepsi Max Display King

The Pepsi Max driver (Richard Speight, Jr) and the Coke Zero driver have met up again, this time at a supercenter. The battle for the number one zero-calorie soda begins as each driver attempts to build the most impressive display. A special appearance from the legendary Snoop Dogg makes it clear which cola is king. The Display King commercial continues the banter started in 1995 with “Diner” and enhanced in 2010 with Diner Two Point Zero.

Pepsi Max Display King

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The Display King ad was developed at TBWA\Chiat\Day by creative director Brett Craig, art director Stephen Chow, copywriter Chris Jones, executive producer Mila Davis and producer Chris Capretto.

Filming was shot by director Joe Pytkta via PYTKA with executive producer Tara Fitzpatrick and producer Michele Atkins.

Editor was John Murray at Nomad with executive producer Susye Malega and producer Nicole Steele.

Post/effects were produced at QuietMan, New York, by lead VFX/Inferno artist Johnnie Semerad, VFX artists Ricky Weissman, Amanda Amalf and Matt Stroub, executive producer Carey Gattyan and producer Kyle Davis.

Telecine was produced at Company 3. Sound was designed by Sam Spiegel at Squeak E Clean with executive producer Geoff Sherr.

Pepsi Max Display King

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In this remake of the iconic 1995 Pepsi commercial, a Pepsi Max truck driver befriends a Coke Zero driver in a diner. Their companionship is jeopardized, however, when the Coke Zero driver discovers that he just can’t resist the maximum taste of a zero-calorie Pepsi Max.

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Click on the image below to play the 1995 Diner video.