Panasonic Earth Lunch Hour

Panasonic is sponsoring Earth Lunch Hour, the world’s most eco-friendly lunch hour, on October 6 this year. The global electronics maker is inviting everyone worldwide to join its employees in a 24 hour long conversation on eco-friendly foods and ways to take green action. Earth Lunch Hour will start in Japan at 11 am on October 6, sweep through Asia, India, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Central America, North America, and Oceania, and end in Japan at 11 am on October 7.

Earth Lunch Hour site

Earth Lunch Hour site

Panasonic’s plants and employees worldwide will participate by broadcasting during lunch with Ustream, a web-based video stream. The main studio for 24 hours will be in Tokyo. Visitors to the site,, can sign up for action associated with food selection, food preparation, clearing up and manners, with recipes that waste no ingredients, make good use of leftovers and preserve well. The Earth Lunch Hour’s social network is being formed through a Twitter stream, @EarthLunchHour, and keeping in touch through the campaign’s Ustream video channel. Recipes are being shared on the Eco Ideas Kitchen and on Twitter. Earth Lunch Hour is associated with the “eco ideas Forum 2010,” held by Panasonic in Ariake, Tokyo, from 6th to 10th October. Various programs are prepared toward the aim of realizing a sustainable society together under the concept of “eR = ‘eco ideas’ Relations”.

Story courtesy of the EcoNetworks team.

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