Orange Flip Shirts with Dutch Football Faces

Bas van de Poel and Daan van Dam, an Amsterdam creative team, have produced a design concept that could transform the nature of football crowds at the FIFA World Cup. They set out to develop their ultimate fan-shirt and came to the simple solution of printing the heads of the players of the Dutch national team (KNVB) on the inside of T-shirts. When Holland scores, supporters lift the orange shirts over their heads in celebration, revealing the triumphant faces of football heros such as Robin van Persie, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and Wesley Sneijder. Bas and Daan are studying advertising at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam.

KNVB Orange Face T-Shirt

KNVB Orange Face T-Shirt

KNVB Orange Face T-Shirt

KNVB Orange Face T-Shirt

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  • rick

    nike did this about 8 years ago using smiley faces instead of players. not original!

  • Matt C.

    They may of done the same thing a while back, but they didn’t go far enough!! This is just another step in the evolution of flip shirts!

  • dave

    And yet…as a gay man, I kinda like them.

    Viet Nam Vet

  • Acronym

    I fully support the sale of this merchandise to as many young, attractive Dutch women as possible. And then, please…GO NETHERLANDS GO!!! SCORE, SCORE, and SCORE SOME MORE!!

  • Mahmud

    where can i buy these shirts?

  • john

    where can i buy these