Opel Embrace Life

The second generation Opel Meriva is being launched in a pan-European campaign with the tag line, “Embrace Life”. The campaign takes visual cues from the New Opel Meriva’s innovative rear-hinged passenger FlexDoors®’ which open to almost 90 degrees– drawing a simple, yet compelling parallel between a physical embrace and the unique design and of the new Meriva. Television, print and outdoor advertising marks a departure from previous focus on the Meriva’s space-saving ability, moving towards a recognized symbol of emotion, an ‘embrace’, with the protection, comfort, warmth and reassurance that consumers demand from their cars as an essential part of their lives.

Opel Embrace Life screenshot - antenatal class

The television commercial begins with the car doors opening, reflecting arms opening, with the subtitle ‘An embrace can mean many things’ before several different interactions which demonstrate this in a very human way. For example: a couple embrace for reassurance; two kick boxers huddle mid-fight to indicate ‘protection’, a backpacker arrives home and is welcomed back by his mother, two footballers hug to celebrate a goal, and a sleeping child is carefully carried to bed by his father.

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The print and outdoor executions also reflect the “Embrace Life’ positioning, showing the new Opel Meriva in various settings, each one featuring a different section of the target audience – including a beach view, featuring a smiling retired couple arm in arm – ‘embracing comfort’; a woodland scene shows a father and adult son sharing a bike ride – embracing while a shy child hides behind his dad to indicate ‘embracing protection’.

Opel Meriva Embrace Comfort - Beach

Opel Meriva Embrace Spontaneity - Cycling

Opel Meriva Embrace Change - Pregnancy

Opel Meriva Embrace Efficiency

Opel Meriva Embrace View

Opel Meriva Embrace Protection


The Opel Embrace Life campaign was developed at Amsterdam Worldwide by executive creative director Richard Gorodecky, copywriter Gillian Glendinning, art directors Igor Karpalov and Jasper Mittelmeijer, planners Jonathan Fletcher and Ben Jaffe, producers Margo Warmerdam (print) and Frank Martin Van Ree (TV), working with Opel advertising project manager Jana Neuheiser and head of European marketing communications Michael Hartwig.

Filming was shot by directors Ben and Joe Dempsey via Lucie P, Munich. Photographer was Uwe Duetmann. Post production was done at Main Works.

Music in the TV commercial is “Be OK” by Ingrid Michaelson.