Old Spice Fresh Campaign

Procter & Gamble has introduced a new line of Old Spice Fresh, promoted with television commercials, scrach ‘n’ sniff print advertisements, and an online competition for trips to Switzerland and Fiji. Two commercials, Armpit Mountain and Freshershist, directed by Mike Mills, provide an over-the-top appeal to masculine ego. Matterhorn explores many important themes in a mans life, including freshness, exotic travels, successorizing, long-haired blonde ladies, snow preparedness and buying things. Freshershist searches for new comparative adjectives to be used in association with the four new scents, Fiji, Cyprus and Denali, where freshness smells from.

Old Spice Watch n Sniff

See the Matterhorn and Freshershist videos.

Old Spice Adventure has been set up to find two qualified candidates for internship positions to explore where freshness smells from, embarking on a unique journey enabling them to live and breathe all of the experiences that Fiji and Matterhorn have to offer. The two interns, supported by professional snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler and professional surfer Anastasia Ashley, will be reporting on their scent-inspired adventures via social media channels and a special blog on www.OldSpice.com. Prior to traveling, each intern will be outfitted with $5,000 and an itinerary of “jobs” to complete and document while on location such as:

  • Don traditional Swiss lederhosen and tear up the mountain while snowboarding some of the world’s best snow. Attach 10 Velcro-padded sticks of Old Spice Matterhorn to the Lederhosen suspenders and hand out to 5 other skiers and snowboarders on the mountain – while yelling out “You smell like Matterhorn!!” – at the same time. Use your helmet cam (provided by Old Spice) to capture video of you in action – and reaction shots.
  • Forget the roulette wheel and fancy cars…but don’t forget the threads. Don a tuxedo and head up to Klein Mountain and snowboard/ski till you fly by Plateau Rosa…Italy. Capture the multi-country adventure taping proof that you were in two different countries on the same day.
  • Weave a hat from palm fronds, incorporating a stick of Old Spice Fiji as part of the design. Hit the waves and keep the hat on…in fact, go ahead and wear the hat the rest of your trip (mandatory – videotape proof).
  • Participate in the Aqua-Trek Shark Encounter (with a certified guide), take a photo of the largest shark that makes you sweat and make sure your water-proof Old Spice Fiji is in the shot.

Old Spice Adventure site

Old Spice Avalanche Scratch n Sniff print ad

Old Spice Honeymoon Scratch n Sniff print ad

Old Spice Ice Sculpture

Old Spice Ice Sculpture


The Old Spice Fresh campaign was developed at Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, by creative director/art director Eric Baldwin, creative director Jason Bagley, copywriters Jason Kreher, Karl Lieberman, Rand Le Sueur, agency producer Sarah Shapiro, executive creative directors Mark Fitzloff and Susan Hoffman, executive agency producer Ben Grylewicz.

Filming was shot by director Mike Mills via The Directors Bureau with executive producer Cayce Chambers Cole, line producer Emily Skinner.

Editor was David Brodie at Rock Paper Scissors with executive producer Carol Lynn Weaver.

VFX were produced at A52 by VFX supervisor Patrick Murphy, executive producer Jennifer Sofio Hall.

Music was produced at Blue Scout by executive producer Joey Prather. Sound was designed by Gus Koven at Stimmung with producer Jack Catlin. Audio post production was done at Digital One. Sound was mixed at Lime Studios.