Old is the New new

Hope Worldwide India is inspiring people to donate old books for the Slum Children Education Programme, with “Old is the New New”, a campaign developed at Dentsu Marcom. The concept was based on a simple thought that “An old book is new to people who haven’t read it”. Old books were packaged exactly like new ones, wrapped in transparent plastic sheets, and placed among new books in about 50 popular book shops in Delhi, India. Prospectie readers, upon finding the old books, were greeted with an inspiring message that urged them to donate their old books. Hundreds felt touched and registered. The idea acted as a trigger. Readers who could see the difference, could make a difference. The message on the sticker read, “For many, your old book is as good as new. Donate an old book today”.

Old is the New New campaign

Old is the New New campaign


The Old is the New New campaign was developed at Dentsu Marcom Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon, by executive creative director Nitin Suri, associate creative director/art director/copywriter/photographer Dalip Singh, and copywriter Robin Thomas, with photographers Hardesh Dhingra and Anil Chawla.

“The creative execution explained the simplicity of our idea, about how an old book is new to many. By merely packaging it like a new book, we established how we could find all that we need, but only if we look closer. The slightest effort could bring about the biggest change. Change of perception, change of action and change of contribution. That’s what this idea was all about and that’s what HOPE is all about. In two months we had 30,000 books at our disposal. With an average packaging cost of 1 cent per book, it was one of the most economical ideas that clicked. The Hope Worldwide’s web site recorded 8000 hits in the first days itself. The idea also led to new partnerships with new corporations. And all of it was achieved by changing the perspectives of people. The books that were old and completely useless were now new and most useful.”

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