Old Golfers Never Die

NickFootstudio has created “Old Golfers Never Die” for the Memories art project, hosted in a London exhibition, on Facebook a which will result in an exhibition and in a beautiful art book. NickFootstudio was asked to give their visual response to the story of Gordon Kirk who was diagnosed with testicular cancer late in the summer of 2008, six weeks after the birth of his daughter Ava. Gordon speaks of his moments of doubt, self pity, happiness, sadness, hope and despair. “It changes you forever”. After an operation to remove the cancerous testicle it was found that the cancer hadn’t spread and Gordon’s prognosis was good. Many tough months of chemotherapy followed which led to Gordon making a number of big life changing decisions, including giving up a successful career in the motor industry, going back to university to study for a degree in sports and psychology and enjoying as much time as possible with his daughter. Today Gordon lives in Scotland with his wife Lesley and daughter Ava. Any spare time he has is taken up with sport. His great favourite is golf.

Old Golfers Never Die

Taking the age old saying ‘Old golfers never die, they just lose their balls”, NickFootstudio’s piece was created using A1 black foamboard and 2086 golf tees. The message reinforces the fact that Gordon has beaten the disease. The yellow golf tees among the white represent the cancer attacking Gordon’s body.

Old Golfers Never Die

“We were very moved by Gordon’s story. Cancer is a very real fear for everyone, but in particular the nature of testicular cancer is terrifying for men. Gordon’s story inspired us, we admire his bravery and strength and the fact there is a happy ending that gives hope to all cancer sufferers. His vow to live and enjoy everyday to the full is surely a mantra for us all.”

The Memories project is being carried out by DAHRA
(Designers Against Human Rights Abuse), Subism, OneTenEleven and editor Garrick Webster. Proceeds from the sales of Memories will go towards Maggie’s Centres, which offer help to anyone with problems associated with cancer. Memories will look at the thoughts and experiences of individuals who have survived cancer, as well as those people who have lost loved ones. 144 leading artists, illustrators and designers have created their sensitive visual responses to these experiences for free.

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