OK Go This Too Shall Pass

OK Go have released a new music video for their track, “This Too Shall Pass”, from the new album “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky”. The hugely popular video places the band in the middle of a two storey Rube Goldberg Machine designed and built by the band along with members of Syyn Labs over several months.

OK Go This Too Shall Pass

Click on the image below to play the Rube Goldberg Machine version in YouTube


Filming was shot by Zoo Film director James Frost, OK Go and Syyn Labs, with producer Shirley Moyers and director of photography Dermott Downs.

Telecine and online work was done at The Mill, New York. Editor was Nicholas Wayman Harris at Union Editorial.

Of 60 takes only 12 got past the rolling tire at the 1 minute mark. Only three takes made it to the video’s colorful finale. The video’s budget of about $150,000 was funded primarily by sponsor State Farm Insurance.

An earlier music video for This Too Shall Pass featured the University of Notre Dame marching band perfomring live in Notre Dame, a performance inspired by an earlier rendition of OK Go’s Here We Go Again. Filming was shot by director Brian L. Perkins and OK Go.

Click on the image below to Notre Dame Marching Band play This Too Shall Pass

Click on the image below to see the Notre Dame perfoming OK Go’s Here We Go Again

  • Deux Doppel

    The video was sponsored by State Farm Insurance, whose name appears on the truck at the beginning. State Farm paid to make sure the video was embeddable on sites like The Inspiration Room.

  • John

    Wicked video.. shame record labels are making it harder to share videos… thinking of money first..

    Made me rember this video for You Go by Keston Cobblers Club I saw the other week.. Lower budget but the one take idea..