Oceans Le Film

Océans, the French documentary drama directed by Jacques Perrin & Jacques Cluzaud, has been released in French cinemas this week. The film, shot over four years, reveals inspiring and challenging footage of extinct or endangered marine species around the world. Viewers are offered a full immersion experience, spinning at 10 knots in the heart of a shoal of hunting tuna, joining dolphins in their wild stampedes, and swimming with the great white shark. See more on the film’s interactive site, oceans-lefilm.com



Filming for Oceans was shot by director/producer Jacques Perrin, director Jacques Cluzaud via Galatée Films with producer Nicolas Mauvernay, editors Catherine Mauchain and Vincent Schmitt, art director Arnaud Le Roch.

Visual effects were produced at BUF by visual effect supervisor Nicolas Chevallier, VFX producers Alain Lalanne and Edouard Valton, digital artists Mickael Goussard, Jean-Louis Kalifa, Julien Buisseret, Olivier Sicot, Nicolas Evrard, Eddy Moussa, Guillaume Paligie, Damien Delrue.

Oceans Whales

Visual effects at Def(2 shoot) were produced by VFX supervisors Bastien Chauvet and Mikael Tanguy, and titles coordinator Marion Frelat.

Oceans Museum

Post production on the Museum set was done at Mikros Image by production designer Jean Rabasse, business director Chrystèle Barbarat, project leaders Malica Benjemia, Béatrice Bauwens, VFX supervisor Hugues Namur, matte painting supervisor Christophe Courgeau, matt painters Alexandre Rouil and Jérémie Touzerie, tracking supervisor Tim Mendler, 3D tracker Yvan Galtie, 3D team Fabien Yorgandjian, Léandre LAagrange, Nicolas Bruchet, Jordane Menard, Manuel Souillac, Benjamin Lenfant, Jerome Martinez Antoine Carlon, Jean-François Roulon, Malik Nahassia, compositing team Pierre Michel, Olivier Veau, Laurent Harambillet, Caroline Mistral, Nicolas Borens, Sébastien Podsiadlo, Michaël Moercant, rotoscope team Philippe Manuel, Jean-Baptiste Poeuf, Dany Lacarelle, Etienne Bolo, Gwenaël Habert, Sylvette Lavergne, with inputs/outputs by François Duboux.

Original music composed by Bruno Coulais.