Oak Kills Hungry Thirsty Dead

Oak flavoured milk in Australia is presented as the perfect solution to “hungrythirsty”, the state of weak indecision when you’re a little bit hungry and a little bit thirsty but can’t decide what to do about it. Oak is the only flavoured milk that can hit the “hungrythirsty” spot because it hasn’t been watered down or compromised to fit in with trends, fads or societal pressure. Oak kills hungrythirsty dead. Then informs its next of kin via text.

Oak Kills Hungry Thirsty Dead

Oak Kills Hungry Thirsty Dead then buries it in the backyard under the beetroot

Oak Kills Hungry Thirsty Dead then informs next of kin via text

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The Thirsty Dead campaign was developed at Three Drunk Monkeys, Sydney, by executive creative directors Justin Drape, Scott Nowell, art director Matt Heck, copywriters Damian Fitzgerald, Alex Derwin, group content director Dan Beaumont, strategic planning director Fabio Buresti, strategic planner Fiona Lake, content director Suzy Coman, content manager Kate Behne.

The print campaign was developed by designer Erwin Santoso, print producer Tom Harrison, Chris Benson, photographer Andrew Cowen, producers Samantha Simpson and Adam Watson (SAMIAM), art buyer Alice Quiddington, retoucher Toby Pike (Toby & Pete).

Filming was shot by director Simon McQuoid via Revolver with executive producer Michael Ritchie, producer Pip Smart and designer Erwin Santoso.