Nolan’s Cheddar Mouse

UK film director John Nolan has launched a short film featuring a mouse with attitude. Nolan provides us with the tragicomedic story of a mouse who just can’t stay away from Nolan’s Strong Cheese, using the music of The Carpenters (Top of the World), The Doors (The End) and Survivor (Eye of the Tiger).

John Nolan mouse with cheese

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)


John Nolan is a director with Street Light Films, London.

Nolan trained a mouse for the opening shots but used animatronics for the rest. “The rat was actually a robot I made covered in silicon. It still had its real hair and nails of a dead rat, but I had to punch this in individually into the synthetic skin, a bit like how hair transplants work.”

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10 Responses to Nolan’s Cheddar Mouse

  1. Patrick Clarke says:

    I think the commercial is f**king horrible and I would never buy Nolan’s again.

    • Duncan says:

      Then it’s a good thing this is only a short film with a fictional product and brand, and not really a commercial.

  2. Kieran Moroney says:

    Touche Duncan.

    What’s so horrible about it Patrick. It’s an inspiring story of one little fella somehow beating the odds.

  3. Blair says:

    I would imagine getting out of bed every morning to face the world must be hard for you Patrick. It’s funny, it’s awesome how Nolan made the short,and…oh yeah…it’s FAKE. Its a freakin “commercial” not an ad to make you cry PETA boy. Its a story about a mouse, a piece of cheese, and the will to survive to eat that cheese. I love white sharp cheddar. I personally just use glue traps myself. Oh, you can’t buy the cheese…it’s FAKE.

  4. MeHere says:

    Glue traps work great!! Reeses Peanut Butter Cup in small pieces for bait. Every time a winner!

  5. r nolan says:

    Love it. We Nolan’s are fighters, and we do like our cheese!!!

  6. Dave Scott says:

    John Nolan, the creator, nicked the strapline ‘seriously strong’ from McLelland of Stranraer.

  7. BobStrong says:

    Nolan’s cheese. seriously strong.
    reminds me of nolan strong & diablos.
    look it up.
    the wind

  8. Michael Roescher says:

    Glue traps are horrible, try cleaning your house

  9. Holger H. says:

    Brilliant, simply brilliant.
    As if we haven’t all felt like that before, haven’t we?!?
    And if “going viral” is worth what they say it is then you, good Sir, have made it!

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