Nike Write The Future with Statues

Nike’s “Write the Future” campaign, seen throughout the world in a 3 minute television commercial, can also be experienced in outdoor billboards and 3D statues. Fourteen footballing icons have been transformed into marble and bronze statues, shown during pivotal match moments of their careers.

Nike Drogba statue billboard

Nike Rooney statue billboard

Nike Ronaldo statue billboard

Nike Robinho statue billboard

Nike Ribery statue billboard

Nike Fabio Cannavaro statue billboard

Nike Luz statue billboard

Nike Shibuya statue billboard


The Write the Future statues campaign was developed at Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam, by creative directors Mark Bernath and Eric Quennoy, copywriter Ebba Hult, art directors Pierre Janneau and Chris Thurman (W+K Portland), print producer Sharon Kwiatkowski, account manager Gene Willis, Jordi Pont, David Anson, Marco Palermo, Jason White (W+K Portland).

The billboards were produced at Happy Finish by Ian, Simon, Matt, Wesley, Tim, V, Alex. The statues were produced at 3D Culture, Strasbourg.