Nike Running Unleashed

Nike features Italian athlete Andrew Lowe in Nike Running, an integrated advertising campaign being rolled out in cinemas, on billboards and on web sites. The Italian slogan “Corri senza freni”, translated in English as “Run Unleashed”, encourages Italians to take ownership of urban spaces through their running. The cinema spot stars sprinter and long jump champion Andrew Howe racing in the streets of Milan, leaving his outline marked on the walls of the city. Frame by frame the shapes comes to life, continuing the race of the Italian champion in a photo on the city walls before becoming enclosed in a prassinoscopio (zoetrope). The campaign also features hammer thrower Silvia Salis and freestyler Andrea SchilirĂ².

Nike Andrew Howe figures

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The Nike Running campaign was developed at Pescerosso Comunicazione & Design, Rome, by creative collective Nobody.

Filming was shot by director Lorenzo Fonda via Mercurio, Milan. Photography was by Lorenzo Castore at 7min Photography Projects.

Sound and music were produced by composer Daniele Carmosino.

Nike Silvia Salis

Andrea SchilirĂ² in Nike Corri Senza Freni ad

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