Nike Grid in London

Nike is running “Nike Grid”, an online and ambient campaign designed to clock London runners speed and endurance. Fitness fans register online before running between designated telephone boxes, punching in their unique code at the start and end of each run, building up a grid over 40 postcodes. Nike GRID launches officially 8pm, Friday 23rd April and players have 24 hours to race and conquer their streets.

Nike Grid

There are 40 postcodes in play, each with four phoneboxes. The more runs, the more points earned for that postcode. The person with the most points in each area claims the crown of that postcode. Badges are awarded for speed, stamina and insider knowledge of the streets. Players are encouraged to use their street knowledge to get them around their local area as quickly as possible by any possible route. There are also maps online and in various outdoor locations.

Click on the image below to play the video.

The campaign is online at, Facebook and YouTube.

Nike Grid

London is your gameboard. You have 24 hours to claim your streets. 40 postcodes across London. North. South. East. West. Grid phone boxes in each postcode. Run between them. Score points. Run more. Score more. Badges awarded for speed, endurance and stamina. Play for your postcode. Get the glory. Claim the crown.

Nike Grid Phone box


The Nike Grid campaign was developed at Wieden+Kennedy London, AKQA and Mindshare.