Nike Football Message for Mesut Ozil

Nike in Germany invited football fans to send their good wishes with Mesut Özil on his way to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, including “Deine Botschaft” (Your Message) on a microchip on Mesut’s boot. “The Message makes Mesut Özil stronger”. Fans can download their message on a wallpaper image online at the Nike Football Deutsch Facebook page.

Nike Schreib Zukunft


The Message campaign was developed at Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, by creative director Justin Landon, art director Felix Schulz, copywriters Malik Banamera and Florian Ludwig, project lead Markus Drühe, digital designer Tobias Wortmann, online designer Kristin Ließ, Robert Jähnnert, art director Johannes Widmer.

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  • Chantel

    You are an amazing player and have inspired so many at a young age. You have a bright future ahead of you. Keep up the good work.

  • zola

    I love him so much, he is a great and amazing football player, sadly he has engaged with a women which had devorce twice and have a kid, but wish you all the oezil

    • nelly

      omg is he really engaged to a woman he’s been with twice already?! and he has a child?! :'(
      i thought he was getting married to a german model who converted to islam for him? It’s a shame as im muslim too and adore him 😛
      oh well… lucky her no? 🙂 x

      • nandini

        and unfortunately she’s a bitch.

      • Muslims are the best

        Yes, ur right,i am amuslim too! i think the same ”Nelly”
        He did somehow a wrong thing you know, he is still small,7 yrs b/w them she is divorced 2 times goshh she looks crazy both her husbands left her:):) love you masoud oziiillllll!! MWAHHHH, love u 2 ANNA!

  • summie

    He is so good! I love you, Mesut!
    Omg, his girlfriend is only with him for the money, that’s what I think. 😀

  • asal

    im muslim admiration is because mesut is muslim too.i really like him .i like his serious manner and i dont know that why he engaged with that divorced mother!!she is 7 year senior.imagine maybe he wants a mother not a wife!i dont think that they can carry on.mesut is young and maybe he will underestand his mistake soon.i wish that one day i can visit him but unfortunately im in iran.i dont know how but i wish.

    • Muslims are the best

      i am muslim too, i think like u i am from lebanon , he did a mistake she is amother 7 yrs older with 2 kids goshh!! she must be crazy her 2 husbands left her!!

  • rica

    I agree! He is always serious and has a chill attitude. OH! and dont forget good looking!

    He is engaged to her! She looks not bad but he should keep his mind open and not be SO SERIOUS IN A RELATIONSHIP YET. I wish them luck though.


  • Rina van Coller

    I never EVER watched soccer until the World Cup in South Africa. Coming from a rugby-mad culture in South Africa, I guess watching the Springboks took on the world was my favourite sport. But lo-and-behold! When the World Cup mania infected us all I started to watch some of the games on television while holidaying at a private game resort in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Needless to say Germany became my favourite team and my favourite player Mesut Ozil.

    Mesut has remarkable talent and has definitely set the World Cup alight with his riveting performance in South Africa. Needless to say I’m hooked on soccer for the first time in my life and all thanks to “wonder kid” Mesut.

    It seems that he’s always playing a starring role no matter which team the Germans are playing against, and to quote the German coach : “He plays a very high level; he can win the ball easily and then produce a telling shot. He is a playmaker and can produce some passes with split defences.”

    I think this talented young man is going to be one of the super stars not in the too distant future. Apart from his remarkable skill on the soccer field this classy young man seems to be a decent, fine young man – not throwing any tantrums like some soccer players do.

    Please convey my congratulations to Mesut for turning the tables (for me) against rugby once and for all (smile). Needless to say, from now on I will follow his promising career wherever he may go.

    I hope he and the German soccer team had a wonderful stay in our lovely country – Mesut you ROCK !!!

  • Naili

    Wow.. Amazing!! After world cup özil well known increased his fans.. Especialy the girls.. They might scream out loud for him.. 🙂
    keep it up!! \m/

  • Salman

    Well Ozil, you are a very good player, good luck to you for playing for Germany……..
    Wish I was able to showcase my football talent on a world stage or rise to world prominence in Physics just like Einstein and Newton did….

  • rajshikha singh shekhawat

    he is too good, i want to wish him good luck n always make ur nation proud by ur fantastic game ozil….., i hope in next fifa world cup germany will be the winner, my wishes is always with germany and you

  • happiness

    mesut ozil you are good soccer ! I heard that you engaged! but do not forget that you are muslim! Allah gived you iman ! because of it appreciate what is have!! dua ederim senin icin musluman bir kiza evlenmen icin!!!!

    • Muslims are the best

      Yes, i agree with u , i am a muslim from lebanon, really plz ozil engage a model or something smallre than u 7yrs masoud oh mu goshhh, i love u cz ur agood player and a muslim, and we’re both from a Turkish descent,,

  • Maria

    You have done everything no other person could, and I know how hard acomplishing something like that is, specially with your backround. Sounds great that you are turkish and your family has been supporting you. And you hold on to your culture, you don’t ignore it. I cannot explain how cool I think you are, you will always be my favourite player no matter what. I think about your skills all the time! You fulfilt your dream! I wish I did. Amazingness. Well, I’ll shut up now, good luck for you, you are a dream!!

  • ridha

    Mesut Oezil always in my heart…
    I love you so much, mesut

  • parisa

    he is very nice and a good player. when i heared you have a girlfriend i was really sad because i really really love you and you are always in my mind.

  • parisa

    he is very nice and a good player. when i heard you have a girlfriend i was really sad because i really really love you and you are always in my mind.

  • fyfy

    he has a girlfriend
    no way
    but he is muslim
    why mesut why
    dont forget your religion
    get you mind back
    good luck anyway

    • nandini

      uhm, why include religion? he’s so into his religion and anna maria is converting to islam just for him so yea…

  • Samira

    Mesut I like you as for what you are,for what you were and for what you do.
    Yesterday now and forever our destiny is crossed our souls are linked.
    I know we will understand it someday…

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  • nandini

    He’s an amazing player. That’s why I love him. And not for his looks. cuz sometimes he looks like a FISH. And sometimes he looks AMAZING. Anyway, he can be the next Diego Maradona, who knows? 🙂

  • nandini

    And anna maria is SO not pretty after cutting her hair and dyeing it black, and anyways, özil’s dating a Gold Digger. and very unfortunately, he’s going to Marry Her. what a shame.

  • priya

    Mesut is the best player………….. but sadly i feel sad for him.. he could have got a better gf… his gf is 7 yrs older than him.. she has like him only for his money….. mesut u can get a better gf…………. she is not even pretty…. and she is a mother of a son………

    but anyways i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. and have always like the way u play in the world cup….
    i also like ur talent and skills

  • priya

    mesut ozil may god bless u and always have a bright future

  • Fundy

    Mesut Ozil I love you so much but I just can not like your 28 year old soon to be wife with a son. You have made your way to the top and you’re still climing but I think your soon to be wife is just going to mess that up for you and that would be a same because you are brilliant at what you do and getting better. I hope God may bless you with a bright long future ahead of you. *Please always stay the way you are.* I love you to bits, Mwah!!!

  • yasmin

    Well I’m Still Love you! I’m muslim too ^o^ We’ll see him on germany vs Turkey

    • Kim

      He’s one of the best footballer in the world.We love him,i wound like so much meet this person or just send an email to him. Please Muset don’t let christiano ronaldo destroying you like himself.loving you for ever……

  • Kim

    Guys please if anybody knows any adress or email of mesut Ozil write it in a reply.Hey yesterday i watched real madrid vs A.M yea we won!and Ozil scor,he put an fantastic goal,Ozil you are in our hards please if you see my reply write and you one.

  • Mesut ozil LOVERRRR

    I Love Mesut Oezil!! even though i am from australia and we lost (they are bad anyways they cant play at all) the first time i saw him i totally fell in love with him and ever since i went to germany and wanted to watch a werder bremen game but sadly he had moved to real madrid a few matches before, but luckly i got to see his old team mates in the werder bremen Hamburg SV we won!! i loved it and i really love you mesut!! Bye;; love your number 1 fan,, ME

  • Mesut Ozil LOVERRRRR again

    Hallo es ist mich wieder der Mesut Ozil LOVERRR!! Ich kann nur einbisten Deutsch sprechen,, Hello it is me again the Mesut Ozil LOVERRR!! I can only speak alittle German,, sorry!! I cant believe i went all the way to Bremen for my love of Mesut Ozil!! I am a big fan!! When i heard that him and his girlfriend broke up i wanted him!! i just somehow wanted him to know that i love him and would do anything to meet him one day in the future!! I cant believe his girlfriend!! If she loved him she would stay with him, no offense. But i wouldnt do that even if i didnt like where i lived!! I went all the way to germany and watched his team mates in werder bremen against hamburg SV luckly Mesuts old team won 3-2 it was alot of fun,, here in australia we dont have hardly any soccer teams so i was luckly enough to see a game!! I cheered and cheered at the weser stadium and the Hamburg fans went home unhappy!! It was wonderful to see the german culture with soccer and i will definately go there again and try to see Mesut Ozil!! ILOVEYOUMESUTOEZIL!! <3 please see me i will be looking for you !! love from ME!! Michelle!! I have loved you in the world cup 2010 and good luck in Real Madrid!!

  • Kim

    Hey!Mesut great job!you scor!you are so great footballer and a good person!maybe i don’t know your personality but i believe and i’m almost sure that you are a great man and of caurse a GREAT FOOTBALLER!ich liebe Mesut Ozil.YOU ARE A DREAM!I’m so bad,i wish you will see my replies!

  • farhana

    Ozil,I really like u so much as a footballer and as a lovely human being.And I am really very proud that u are a muslim.May ALLAH give u all the happiness and success in life.

  • Kim

    Great job again!3goals in the two goals Ozil helped too much!

  • well done,..may ALLAH bless u..
    wishing u good luck for all ur match..
    and also ur life..!

  • Am from ghana also a madrid fan,i just want to say hi to ozil for making us proud in ghana and all the madrid players.I don’t know what to say to u ozil may allah bless u and guide u.