Nike Football Message for Mesut Ozil

Nike in Germany invited football fans to send their good wishes with Mesut Özil on his way to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, including “Deine Botschaft” (Your Message) on a microchip on Mesut’s boot. “The Message makes Mesut Özil stronger”. Fans can download their message on a wallpaper image online at the Nike Football Deutsch Facebook page.

Nike Schreib Zukunft


The Message campaign was developed at Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, by creative director Justin Landon, art director Felix Schulz, copywriters Malik Banamera and Florian Ludwig, project lead Markus Drühe, digital designer Tobias Wortmann, online designer Kristin Ließ, Robert Jähnnert, art director Johannes Widmer.

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