Nike Air Collection Unit

Nike celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Nike Air shoe on April 1, 2010 with Air Secrets, a satirical short film aired on TV in the USA and online globally. The Nike Air Collection Unit collects air from Nike athletes such as Maria Sharapova, Carl Lewis, Sanya Richards, Paula Radcliffe, Brandon Roy, P-Rod, Troy Polamalu and John McEnroe, all for the cause of equipping a new generation. David Koechner, star of Anchor Man and Curb Your Enthusiasm, won Gold for Best Actor at the British Arrows for his humorous work as continuity man in this ad.

Nike Air David Koechner

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Air Collection Unit concept was developed at Nike by creative manager Manny Bernardez and brand manager Adam Collins, with Arnold Worldwide creative director/copywriter/art director Paul Shearer.

Filming was shot by director Paul Shearer via Great Guns with producer Laura Gregory and director of photography Angus Hudson, post producer Sheridan Thomas, editor Will Judge.

Post production was done at Rushes, London, by producer Frankie Limata, colorist Simone Grattarola, VFX supervisor Matt Jackson, 3D animation/matte painting and extensions team.

Music was produced at IPP Music.

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