Nicked from Ben Sherman

For most brands, per usual, New York City Fashion Week (September 9 to 16 this year) is a key focus for making sales. This was not the case for Ben Sherman. The Ben Sherman Soho New York location set up their elaborate ‘Shop Load of Shirts’ display dressing the store’s windows from top to bottom in shirts. What was unexpected were the shirts that appeared hanging outside the display window ripe for the taking. From couples giving each other a leg up, to skateboarders and bikers doing drive-bys, some 600 shirts were swiped from the outside of the store. All is forgiven though, with a stamp inside the shirt reading: ‘Nicked! From Ben Sherman Soho New York NY Fashion Week September 2010, But You Are Forgiven, Just This Once’. So what’s the real Ben Sherman message for this fashion week? ‘Smile! You’re on candid camera.’

Nicked from Ben Sherman

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Ben Sherman NY Viral campaign was developed at M Crown Productions, Inc..

Filming was shot by director Gala Magrina and director of photography/editor Gavin Bellour.

Music is “They May Talk (May 68 Remix)” by Driver Drive Faster.

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