New Balance Running Green

Doug Purver, animator/director, teamed up with VFX studio Suspect to produce a spec commercial for New Balance 509 sneakers. A pair of photo-real New Balance 509 sneakers jogs in super slo-mo along a high speed, time-lapsed streetscape, leaving bursts of beautiful flowers and other plant life that is in stark contrast to the gritty, New York City cobble stone street.

New Balance Running Green

Click on the image below to play the video.

Purver developed a custom built camera rig to capture a three second exposure every seven seconds, while panning over the night time street, while catching quick streaks of light from passing cars. Filming was done over three nights in Washington & Water Streets, Dumbo, Brooklyn, with the footage eventually coming in one perfect take on the eight try.

The team at Suspect New York photographed an actual pair of 509 sneakers from every angle, giving them ample reference and true texture maps to create a high resolution 3D model with photo real textures. The shoe was then put into motion with a highly detailed rig, which had almost as much control as a full CG character might. They did the same with the stargazer lilies, daisies, ivy and blades of grass.


Filming was shot by director Doug Purver via Roadnorth. Post production and effects were produced at Suspect, New York, by lead VFX artist Doug Purver, executive producers Rob Appelblatt, Tim Crean, technical directors Dave White and Andrew Cohen, sneaker animator Ricardo Vicens, shoe rigger Lee Wolland, CG artist Steve Burger, shader/texture artist Jimbo Rowel, and camera tracker John Geehring.

Music and Sound Design were by Q Department.

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