New Balance 365 Films

Mother New York has launched New Balance 365, a collection of 365 short films that engages consumers 365 days a year by asking them to think about “the balance”. The campaign, aimed at consumers of the shoemaker’s pastel-and-suede lifestyle runners, is a series of 20-second web films that are being released daily via a microsite,, and iPhone app. The campaign aims to “explore balance as it exists in the world” via the films, a website that graphically represents sleep patterns around the world and an alarm clock app for the iPhone that wakes users each day with a new film.

New Balance 365 Traffic

New Balance 365 Traffic

The films, which launched in February, feature actors participating in analog camera tricks, playful stop-motion animation sequences featuring New Balance shoes and crafty handmade contraptions. In today’s video a set of shoe boxes comes to life, trucking shoes out to customers.


The New Balance 365 campaign was developed at Mother New York by art directors Jed Grossman and Mark Aver, copywriter Eugene Fuller, creative technologist Rey Peralta, designer Derrick Lee, strategist Ben Parker, agency producer Mike Aaron, editor Todd Thoenig.

Filming for the first 120 shorts was shot in Stockholm in late 2009 by director Jesper Kouthoofd via Little Minx.

The iPhone app was developed at Teenage Engineering, Stockholm.

Mother New York will delegate the next two rounds to different directors, looking for directors who are comfortable working in a collaborative, hands-on process, and who can adapt the content for the digital space.

New Balance 365 App

New Balance 365 App Map