Moxie Identi-Tins

Moxie Tampons branding in Australia is being given a Facebook identity connection with “Identi-Tin” initiative. Facebook fans (Moxettes) were invited to sign up for the Identi-Tin event on the Moxie Facebook Powder Room page to qualify to have their profile pics included on the brand’s iconic tins. The 600 available spots were filled within three days of the promotion going live. Numbers were capped to ensure that each person included will be able to pick themselves out clearly on the tins.

Moxie Facebook Tins

Moxie co-founder and Director Mia Klitsas says: “Social media has given us the opportunity to get closer to our customers, underlining our personality and relating to each customer on a one to one basis. It has been fantastic building such close relationships with our Moxettes and chatting to them every day; but now, we want to use these platforms to take things a step further.

“We at Moxie think a brand is nothing without its customers and so, as a sign of our appreciation to our fiercely loyal Moxettes, we wanted to give them the opportunity to involve themselves in something new in a really personal and special way.”

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The concept was developed in partnership with Moxie’s social media agency, Get Glossy, Melbourne.

Get Glossy Director, Peter Davis said: “Moxie’s brief to us was to engage the Moxettes in increasingly innovative ways. The brand is all about creating and fostering genuine two-way relationships with each individual customer. We feel as though customers will see this as another really fun and positive part of being a Moxette. Hopefully people who haven’t tried Moxie will look across enviously and realise that there is more to this category than TV ads pouring blue liquid.”

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