Moustaches Make A Difference

Singapore creatives are gathering together to support the Movember cause this November, with “Moustaches Make a Difference”, online at and Facebook, raising funds for the Singapore Prostate Cancer Research Fund. Through the annals of history, scores of famous figures, renowned characters and admired personalities have had one thing in common. They all wore with pride that most masculine of marks. That most erudite of emblems. The most bodacious of badges. We’re talking, of course, about the moustache. For without this distinguishing feature adorning their upper lip, would these people have reached such lofty heights? Hulk Hogan minus his handlebar? White trash in a wife-beater. A smooth-faced Stalin? Just a depilated dictator. A clean-shaven Genghis Khan? More like Genghis Can’t. This month, help these men and women support prostate cancer research by growing a moustache.

Movember Stalin Communist or Conqueror

Josef Stalin Communist / Conqueror

Movember Mr Kesuke Miyagi Old Man or Old Master
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi Old man / Old master

Movember Super Mario Handyman or Hero
Super Mario Handyman / Hero

Movember Hulk Hogan White Trash or World Champ
Hulk Hogan White trash / World champ

Movember Freddie Mercury Queen or Queen
Freddie Mercury Queen / Queen

Movember Einstein Geriatric or Genius
Einstein Geriatric / Genius

Movember Salvadore Dali Bizarre or Brilliant
Dali Bizarre / Brilliant

Movember Gandhi Protester or Prophet
Gandhi Protester / Prophet

Movember Che Guevara Rebel or Revolutionary
Che Guevara Rebel/Revolutionary


The Moustaches Make a Difference campaign was developed at TBWA\Singapore, Singapore, by creative directors Hagan de Villiers, Gary Steele, art director/illustrator Reginald Ocampo, art director Danny Teo, copywriters James Holman and Martin Loh, illustrator Roger Tan, developers Tony Chew and Sean Tan, production managers Sally Sim and Allen Pattiselanno, account team Jaclyn Lee and Alrick Dorett.