Motorola Droid Shortcuts Unlock Secret Codes

The Motorola Droid is being given a new viral quality this week with a fresh set of secret shortcut “cheat codes”, demonstrated by two twenty something guys with a video camera. The Droid Shortcuts YouTube channel features four new videos, “Traffic Light Change”, “Pool Shot”, “Money Counter” and “Underwear Checker” added to the December trio, “Scanner”, “Taser” and “Dogs”.

Motorola Droids Shortcut on Pool Table

Hate getting stuck at traffic lights? Whip out your Moto Droid, enter this unlock code, and never touch the brake pedal again. Click on the image below to play the Traffic Light Change video in YouTube

Lining up the perfect pool shot can be tough – unless you keep your Moto Droid close at hand. Enter this hidden unlock code and start hustling your buddies today. Click on the image below to play the Pool Shot video in YouTube

Need to know how much dough you’re carrying, but don’t want to take your wallet out of your pants? Enter this secret Moto Droid unlock code and get an exact count with a swipe of your phone. Click on the image below to play the Money Counter video in YouTube

A secret unlock code lets you use your Moto Droid to discover a woman’s bra size and what kind of underwear she’s wearing – if, that is, she’s wearing any at all. Click on the image below to play the Underwear Checker video in YouTube

So what is going on behind the scenes of that pregnancy? Click on the image below to play the Scanner video in YouTube

What if your film crew needs a taste of pain? Click on the image below to play the Taser video in YouTube

Moto Droid does new tricks with a cheat code so you can understand what dogs are saying when they bark. Click on the image below to play the Dogs video in YouTube

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  • crystal carter

    Where do I type this code … for.

  • VOX31

    were do you enter the code

  • nick

    Ok good stuff but ware do u type the coad into ?? Not much fun if u cnt get it to work?????

  • joe

    Where do u type in the codes at

  • jaiye

    i forgote my unlock code

  • kelly

    After having gone to college for, & working in the field of advertising photography, I’d have to say this is one of THE best marketing schemes I’ve ever seen! Love it!

  • michael

    how do u put in the code

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