More from Orange

Orange UK is running More from Orange scheme offering bonus deals to loyal customers. The Magic Numbers scheme is designed to help customers stay in touch with those who matter to them most, with a choice of any Orange UK mobile number of an Orange Broadband Wireless and Talk number. Orange Wednesday deal offers two for one cinema tickets with pizza. Dolphin provides mobile internet access. Monkey offers free music and texts in return for monthly top ups. The More from Orange campaign is being promoted in a pair of series of TV adverts directed by French production collective Megaforce, asking a young woman to choose her Lucky Number, and a young man to choose someone to see the movie Zombikini 2.

More from Orange

Click on the image below to play the Orange Magic Numbers video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Zombikini on Orange Wednesdays video in YouTube


The More from Orange campaign was developed at Fallon London by creatives Gary Anderson and Sam Hibbard, and agency producer Tracy Stokes.

Filming was shot by director collective Megaforce via Irène, Paris. (Raphaël Rodriguez, Leo Le Bug, Clement Gallet, Charles Brisgand) Local production was provided by Unit + Sofa, Prague.