Monterey Bay Aquarium Change for the Oceans

Monterey Bay Aquarium in San Francisco is running an online advertising campaign encouraging people to do what it takes to address climate change. At the heart of the campaign is an animated video featuring the voice of John Cleese. Pink flamingos, walruses and turtles are shown evolving quickly to cope with their changing environment. “Given enough time, sea life could adapt to climate change. Sadly animals evolve far too slowly. But we can change as quickly as we choose to. Small actions can make a real difference.”

Change for the Oceans video

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The advertising campaign is being run in conjunction with “Hot Pink Flamingos: Stories of Hope in a Changing Sea”, an exhibit telling the story of climate change through the eyes of tropical wading birds, green sea turtles, the colorful creatures that inhabit coral reefs, hypnotic jellies, playful Magellanic penguins and other ocean animals. The exhibit also features stories of hope involving people and communities that are fighting climate change and making a difference.


The video was produced by Free Range Studios. Narration was by John Cleese who carries a reusable bag and to date has refused 3,982 plastic water bottles.

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