Monopoly City Streets

Hasbro commissioned “Monopoly City Streets“, a live massive multiplayer online game using the Monopoly board game on real world streets using Google Maps and OpenStreetMap. Launched in September 2009, the game went for two months, picking up five million players. The interactive campaign spread to the Monopoly City Streets blog and Twitter channel and picked up a Wikipedia entry.

Monopoly City Streets

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Tribal DDB, the brains behind the City Streets campaign, won a Gold Cyber Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2010. Tribal described Monopoly’s brand essence as being all about negotiation. Armed with $3 million in virtual cash, players purchased and constructed Monopoly buildings on any street in the world. They earned rent and were able to increase the earning potential of their streets by adding schools and eco-friendly parks. Players could sabotage their opponents with chance cards by erecting prisons/sewage plants, negating all rent on a street and even demolishing buildings altogether.

Monopoly City Streets

During the three months of the game, there was an online building boom – players purchased nearly 9 million streets and built more than 175 million buildings. Players enjoyed using the new sabotage elements of the game with nearly 1.8 million hazard buildings built and more than 2.5 million buildings destroyed. Negotiation was certainly a big part of the game for those who wanted to get ahead, but 52 percent of all offers were declined.

The top ten cities searched were New York City, Paris, London, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Miami, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, Los Angeles. The top ten streets searched were Wall Street, Route 66, Broadway, Oxford Street, 5th Avenue, Rue De La Paix, Rodeo Drive, Times Square, Main Street and Yonge Street.


The Monopoly City Streets campaign was developed at Tribal DDB, London, by executive creative director/copywriter Matt Ross (Digital), art directors/designers Matt Fenn and Tony Cianci, production manager Andrew Harb, designer Romain Brisson, programmers Carlton Dickson, Nicole Schloeter, Ben Cooper-Holmes and Paul James, senior account manager Sheerien Salindera, creative lead Simon Richings, technical director Matt Oxley, technical lead Paul James, developers Carlton Dickson, Christo Coetzee and Nicole Schloeter, UX Brooke McPherson, senior account manager Sheerian Salindera.

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