Molson Canadian Made From Canada

Molson Coors Canada has seized the moment when the world’s attention is on Canada to remind the locals just what makes them Canadian. “When you think about Canadians you might ask yourself, why are we the way we are? Well, the answer is lying right under our feet. Fact is, its this land that shapes us. We know we have the best backyard in the world and we get out there every chance we get. Molson Canadian Made from Canada.

Molson Canadian Made from Canada

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The advertising campaign has helped focus patriotic support of the Canadian Olympic team on the Molson Canadian Facebook page, with an increase of 70,000 fans in one week.


The Made from Canada campaign was developed at Zig Ideas, Toronto, by creative director/copywriter Aaron Starkman, art director Vince Tassone, planner Doug Potwin, team leader Natalie Calderon and agency producer Dave Medlock.

Filming was shot by director Bruce Dowad via Circle Productions with executive producer Michel Korchinsky, line producer Mike Gill.

Editor was Ryan Hunt at School Editing.

Sound and music were produced at RMW by music director Ted Rosnick, and sound designer Tyson Kutevi. Music is “Lux Aeterna” by´╗┐ Clint Mansell from the “Requiem for a Dream” soundtrack.

  • Ron McIntosh

    Surely you know that “The answer is laying (sic) right under our feet” is grammatically incorrect?

    Quite of few of us beer drinkers know, believe it or not. And, we find it annoying.

    Why don’t you try: “The answer is lying right under our feet.”?

    It would reflect better on Molson Canadian and the folks who designed the ad.

    • As you correctly point out, the word should be “lying”. I’ve amended the text accordingly. Would you like me to fix your comment as well? “Quite of few” doesn’t quite work. :>)

      • Brett

        Well played Duncan… well played.

  • Peter James Freer

    Thanks for posting…makes want to get out and start playing hockey on a frozen lake. Ive re-posted a link to the ad.

  • claudia Weis

    Please tell me where that lake is!!!!

  • jeff h

    Look for the re-mix :” Made from Canada * may contain mine and/or tar pond tailings”


    How can a beer be “made from” Canada? It sounds like Canada is some sort of variety of wheat or a type of hop. Shouldn’t the billboard indicate that it is “made in” Canada?

    • Peter

      Made From Canada means absolutely nothing!!! Especially coming from an American company. They have to say “from” because “product of Canada” and “Made in Canada” are strictly regulated by the government. Since they didn’t say either of those things I’m guessing this beer has nothing to do with Canada.

      • Foreign Canadian

        Right, your are just guessing and you do not understand the message of the commercial at all. It is their particular intention to not just say “made in Canada”
        @MAURO: “It sounds like Canada is some sort of variety of wheat or a type of hop”
        You are totally right, this is pretty similar to what they want to say with “made from Canada”. They intend to say, that they use the resources FROM the “best backyard in the world” and that beer is “MADE FROM CANADA”

        You should both watch the commercial again and again until you get their message….. I****