Mini Countryman Clones in Milan

The 2011 Mini Countryman, MINI/BMW’s first ever 4-door and optional 4-wheel drive vehicle, is being unveiled in Europe with two VFX-driven television commercials, “Flow” and “The Last Spot”. The car, designed for urban cruisers with an appetite for style and spontaneous adventure, is cloned again and again in a riveting race through various Italian vistas and landmarks.

MINI Countryman Flow commercial

“Flow” embarks with a quartet of stylish urbanites cruising through Milan. Each obstacle and turn they encounter magically spawns a new Countryman, which splits from the pack until the entire city abounds with its red clones racing in an orchestrated adventure. The ensuing phenomenon traverses the countryside and coastline. The action culminates on a ferry at Lake Como where each vehicle, one by one, soars to the finish, seamlessly converging into the single Mini Countryman from which the spot began.

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In “The Last Spot” two MINI Countryman drivers compete to get to the last parking space in a parking building.

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The Countryman 2011 campaign was developed at BSUR Amsterdam, by creative directors Jason Schragger and Paulo Martins, copywriter Gian Carlo Lanfranco, art director Rolando Cordova, account supervisor Mia Drexl-Schegg, account executive Thijs van Dam, planning supervisor Stein Janssen, agency producer Corey Bartha, working with MINI/BMW Group head of global advertising and social media Robert Gocke and head of global advertising Piera Kaempf.

Filming was shot by director Brian Beletic via Smuggler, Hollywood, with director of photography Linus Sandgren, executive producer Brian Carmody, executive producer Patrick Millingsmith, executive producer Lisa Rich, head of production Laura Thoel, line producer Tim Kerrison, post producer Franny Faull.

Animation and visual effects were produced at Sway Studio, Culver City, by executive producer: Jason Cohon, visual effects supervisor Aaron Powell, compositing supervisor / senior Flame artist Pilon Lectez, CG supervisor Artur Sayan, senior producer Alex Thiesen, production coordinator Andrew Gilson, Flame artists Brad Scott and Todd Hemsley, Nuke artists Lawrence Littleton, Scott Hale and Ken Littleton, pre-visualization Robert Glazer, Drive-A-Tron operators Cesar Chavez and Alexander Powell, animator Nathan Millsap, color and lighting team Artur Sayan, Cesar Chavez, Nathan Millsap, photogrammetry producer Andrew Swihart, FX Artists Rob Valdivia and Steve Wang, Tracking lead Marco Maldonado, tracker Steve Hansen, Lead Roto artist Elissa Bello, Roto artists Kenneth Lui and Billy Robinson.

All but three of the 317 vehicles seen in the spot are computer generated. SWAY used CAD data supplied by MINI along with reference photos to match the hero vehicle from the live-action shoot, surface for surface, detail for detail. For animation of all the driving sequences, SWAY employed its proprietary Drive-a-Tron(TM) software.

Editor was Adam Pertofsky at Rock, Paper, Scissors, Santa Monica, with executive producer Carol Lynn Weaver, producer Juliet Batter and assistant editor Neil Meiklejohn.

Music was produced at The Rumor Mill. Sound was designed by Brian Emrich at Trinitite Studios.