Miller Lite Man Up

The Miller Lite Pilsner taste is being promoted in a series of five television commercials with the tag line, “Man Up”. In each of the ads a man with no preference for taste in his beer is provided with a bland no-name brew when he orders a light beer from an attractive female bartender. The men are told to come back when they’ve lost their girly accessories, whether that be their “carry all”, skirt, panties, antique or lower back tattoo. “Man up,” a voiceover urges on each spot, “because if you’re drinking a light beer without taste, you’re missing the point of drinking beer.”

Miller Lite skirt

Click on the image below to play the Carry All video in YouTube

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The Man Up campaign was developed at DraftFCB, Chicago, by group creative director Chuck Rudnick, art director Gordon Sang, copywriter Brian Siedband, agency executive producer Rob Farber.

Filming was shot by director Erich Joiner via Tool of North America with director of photograqphy Robert Richardson, executive producer Brian Latt, digital executive producer Dustin Callif, and line producer Joby Ochnser.

Editors were Dick Gordon and Dan Maloney at Spot Welders. Telecine was produced by Michael Masur.

Post production and effects were produced at Filmworkers Club by lead VFX/Inferno artist Rob Churhull.

Music was produced at Emoto. Sound was designed and mixed by Mark Ruff at Chicago Recording Company, Chicago.

  • michael dodd

    These ads are uniformly bad in their direction, writing, acting, and even art direction. Horrible. Just horrible.

  • DaMann

    These commercials are just stupid. Not funny one bit, no imagination and make me want to drink a bud light instead. The sheer corniness of these commercials are what ruins it. Seriously Miller, get a bit of touch with reality and don’t try so hard.

  • BeerMe

    Yes, these commercials are a bit lame, if I wanted to drink a beer with great taste/flavor, it certainly wouldn’t be yellow water like Miller or Bud.

  • Steven

    It’s a bit offensive to see the protagonist emasculated by a sexy female bartender just because his choice of beer is incorrect. Even more so, since Miller is drivel that connoisseurs wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

  • Man Down

    The premise of these ads is demeaning and insulting. When I see the condescending glances the bartender give the man, usually followed by a look of shame and embarrassment from a second woman onlooker, I want to throw things. I feel like people who created the ad must miss high school a lot.

    The idea that you could humiliate people into drinking your beer because if you don’t you’re not a real man is about as low-class as advertising gets. That’s probably the underlying message in half of the beer commercials out there, but at least be subtle or creative about it.

    Let’s be honest, nobody drinks Miller Lite because it’s the best tasting beer. There are better tasting light beers, and if you really care about taste, spare a mere 30 calories more and have a Guinness.

    The best thing Miller Lite has going for it is that it’s unpretentious. It’s unfussy and fun. It’s a standard that everyone knows. You trust it and appreciate it for what it is. Why not play into that?

  • waxtadpole

    These ads stink of desperation by a brewer that’s losing market share. Even the notion that someone would drink Miller Lite for the taste is hysterical to anyone who appreciate beer. A travesty that I doubt even the creators of this campaign take seriously.

  • waxtadpole

    And excuse me, but what’s “fun” about a beer that tastes like all the flavor sank to the bottom of the can?