Microsoft Bing and Decide in the UK

Microsoft has launched the first in a series of commercials in the UK featuring the tag line, “Bing and Decide”, aiming to show consumers how Bing’s decision engine is different to other search engines. The adverts show people suffering from ‘information overload’ and then the ways in which Bing could help solve that problem. The first ad shows a woman asking for directions to Euston Station on the London Tube. Unfortunately the man she asks has access to far too much information, somehow turning the conversation to the amazing cry of the howler monkey. “For crying out loud!”

Microsoft Bing and Decide

Click on the image below to play the video.

Microsoft is trying to position Bing as a search engine which can offer more organised search results through features such as ‘categorised search’ and an enhanced search experience because of its “richer” aesthetic look across its home and search results pages.

Ashley Highfield, managing director and vice-president consumer and online Microsoft UK, said: “The ad campaign brings to life the concept of Bing as a decision engine, a tool that both cuts through the information overload and offers a new search experience. We’re confident that this will help grow our user base.”

The TV campaign, which will run solidly for a month and then in two-week bursts until June, will be supported online using Microsoft’s own network, which includes MSN and Windows Live, as well as across social networks, partner sites and online news providers.

Microsoft is using the campaign to try and become the second most popular search engine in the UK, after Google. Currently it only comes in third, after Yahoo!. According to Net Market Share’s latest statistics, Bing only accounts for 3.4 per cent of the global search market – whereas Yahoo! accounts for 6.1 per cent. Google outstrips both search engines, accounting for 86 per cent of the global search market.

Last month Yahoo! and Microsoft were given the green light by both the US and European regulators to begin their 10 year search partnership. However, despite Microsoft now providing the technology for Yahoo!’s search engine, they remain competitors in the search space.


The UK Bing and Decide campaign was developed at JWT London.

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