Michael Jackson This Is It – the Music Video

Spike Lee’s special postmortem tribute to Michael Jackson is a music video for “This Is It”, a stirring montage of images spanning the King of Pop’s lifetime. The promo begins with a sign pointing to Michael Jackson’s childhood home in Gary, Indiana before taking us on a tour of his life.

Michael Jackson This Is it music video


Filming at Gary, Indiana, was shot by director/producer Spike Lee via 40 Acres and a Mule, with director of photography Malik Sayeed, editor Barry A. Brown and producer Butch Robinson. Additional camera work wsa done by Kerwin Devonish and Rick Sarmiento.

Post production and effects were produced at Smoke & Mirrors New York by lead Flame artist Nic Seresin, Flame artists Stephanie Isaacson, Sam Caine, Sean Broughton, Philip Akka, Flame assistant Ross Vincent, 3D artists Steve Parish, Mike Donovan, Wei Louie, Serkan Ertekin and Greg Calas, colorist Ben Eagleton and producer Lauren Shawe.

Color correction at The Mill was by colorist Damian van der Cruyssen.