Michael J Fox on Hockey in Canada

Canadian/American actor Michael J. Fox appeared in a CTV Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games special commercial before the Team Canada Hockey Game versus Norway on February 16. Fox was filmed alone on the backyard rink of Pat Lafontaine on Long Island, wearing a red Canadian shirt with the number 61, taking to the ice to score a few goals of his own.

Michael J Fox on Hockey as Canada's game

It begins here, on a fresh sheet of ice. A love affair with the game you cannot describe, only feel. In a country so vast, so expansive, it bonds us together and inspires us to push beyond limitations. It allows us to see what others cannot, to conquer time, and to reach the highest summit. Because when it comes to hockey in Canada anything is possible. For Canadians hockey isn’t just a game. It’s our game.

Michael J Fox was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and began his acting career in the Canadian television series, Leo and Me, before moving to Los Angeles at the age of 18.

The CTV Olympics coverage is online at CTVOlympics.ca and Facebook.

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