McDonalds Playland for Play in the Everyday

McDonald’s Australia is ramping up “Playland”, an integrated advertising campaign begun in March with a huge outdoor playground built in the centre of Sydney. The three-story high Playland, complete with a Hamburglar swing, a 2.5m high Ronald McDonald bench, a dazzling world of slides and Fillet-O-Fish bouncers, was designed for adults who are too tall to enter the playgrounds found at McDonald’s restaurants. A three meter tall Officer Big Mac checked the height of anyone who wanted to play in the playland. The Play in the Everyday campaign is now running with a television commercial, a Macca’s Playland feature on the McDonald’s site, a dedicated Playland YouTube channel, online advertising, and a photography set on McDonald’s Flickr page.

Maccas Playland microsite

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“Adult life carries many restrictions so we want to remind people that McDonald’s is still a place were you can have fun, be yourself and not be judged. A place where you feel like a kid again,” said Helen Farquhar, Director of Marketing, McDonald’s (ANZ). “This adult-sized Playland allows us to forget about the deadlines, budgets and stresses of life and just revel in this incredible childhood arcadia. And the best part is the McDonald’s characters we loved as kids are back old school style giving us the opportunity to reclaim our childhood, to look at the world through younger eyes again and just lose ourselves – if only for a minute.”


The Playland campaign was developed at DDB Sydney by executive creative director Matt Eastwood, creative director Adam Rose, creatives Matt Knapp and John Downing, account managers Kenny Hill, Sarah Trickey and Georgina Gooley, strategic planner Russ Mitchinson, agency producer Brenden Johnson..

The Playland set was designed by Karen Murphy and Greg Hajdu at Greg Sets, using material provided by Rhinoplay.

Filming was shot by director Steve Rogers via Revolver.