McDonalds Dreaming in Mono

McDonalds has launched “Dreaming in Mono”, a 60 minute satire for television broadcast over seven episodes on four television networks in the Nordic region, and online at The transmedia story of Dreaming in Mono brings to life the rivalries and stereotypes of the Danes, Finns, Norwegians and Swedes in the story of an unlikely group of Nordic people who come together to beat an old ski record, only on one ski: a monoski. The focus of the activity is on McDonald’s guests and their stories and dreams, rather than on the brand or its products.

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The story starts in 1974, with Alain Duchamp and his rival Hansi von Spitzmark about to embark on the most important endeavour of their lives, a downhill race to immortality. von Spitzmark ends up victorious. 36 years later, Alain is still mourning his loss and has been all but devoured by ghosts of the past. In a last attempt at satisfaction, and to gain recognition for why he lost that fateful day in 1974, Alain sets out on an amazing enterprise: to gather a team of monoski enthusiasts and break the dream record once and for all.

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The film is being broadcast on TV6, Sweden, Viasat 4, Norway, TV3 Puls, Denmark and SubTV, Finland, and in McDonald’s 465 restaurants across the region. hosts the seven episodes, additional character and storyline material plus Mono Madness, a downhill ski race viral game that mirrors the theme of the film. The site connects to Dreaming in Mono’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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The Dreaming in Mono hub offers music, videos, polls, iPhone apps, a contest, monoski tech tips as well as other applications, along with opportunities to start discussions – all designed to connect people around the story. Each episode has unique content to support both the episode story and McDonald’s core values. Content is also being spread on major social media platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, with advertising placed on MSN, MySpace and Facebook.


The Dreaming in Mono campaign was developed at digital creative agency Perfect Fools, Stockholm, by executive creative director Tony Högqvist, technical director Fredrik Stutterheim, copywriter Marcus Evertsson, art directors John Wolst and Martin Samuelsson, programmers Stefan Lagergren and Rickard Skogtoft, designer Erik Wikholm and executive producer Fredrik Heghammar.

Filming was shot by director Jen Jonsson via Happy Fiction with executive producer Lukas Wojarski and director of photography Martin Hisser.

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