Maximidia Vintage Seminars

MaxiMídia is a company in Brazil focused on modernizing and developing the communications industry. They worked with Moma São Paulo to develop “Vintage”, a print advertising campaign focused on advertising seminars for professionals, introducing them to the new opportunities associated with social networking. The ads are designed in the futuristic style of the 1950s, showing Skype, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in terms of established technologies which are now old hat.

Maximidia Vintage Skype

Maximidia Vintage Facebook

Maximidia Vintage YouTube

Maximidia Vintage Twitter

Maximidia Vintage Update


The Vintage campaign was developed at Moma Propaganda, Sao Paulo, by creative director Rodolfo Sampaio, art director Marco Martins, copywriter Adriano Matos, with illustration by 6B Studio.

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