Marmite Elections in Britain

Unilever is promoting Marmite in the lead up to the April 26 British Parliamentary elections with a poll dedicated to the love or hate of the savoury spread. Two new political parties, The Love Party and the Hate Party, are competing for the Facebook votes of the British public, determining whether Britain is a nation of Marmite Lovers or Marmite Haters. A central election news site,, links to each party’s manifesto, TV, radio, press and online adverts and Facebook pages. Hate Party leader Steve Heaving has called for Marmite-eating zones across the UK, a “Spread Offenders List” and promises to ultimately send every jar of Marmite across the British Channel to Guernsey. Fay Freely, leader of the Love Party, proposes to set up anger management courses for Marmite haters and build a Marmite shrine for lovers across the world to congregate and worship. The love party and hate party both have full manifesto and biographies of their party leaders on Facebook.

Marmite Love Party

Click on the image below to play the Hate Party video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Love Party video in YouTube


The above-the-line campaign, which includes TV, posters and press ads, has been developed by DDB London, with media planned and bought by Mindshare. The below-the-line campaign, which consists of a 300,000 nationwide door drop in the guise of an electioneering campaign, has been developed by the agency Iris. Digital advertising has been handled by AKQA.

Marmite Hate Party

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  • RedHatMamas

    We love Marmite, though it tastes a bit different to the UK variety. Living as a minority in a non-Marmite country makes it hard to imagine this kind of campaign taking off down under.

  • Laura

    The campaign is genius, Unilever do some great marketing with Marmite, however Im neither a lover or a hater but still enjoy the marketing

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