Maasai Warriors in Ice

Oxfam used ice sculptures to bring the plight of drought-stricken people to the attention of people attending the United Nations conference on climate change in Copenhagen in December 2009. Huge statues of Maasai people were carved at the end of the first week of negotiations, over twelve hours on December 10. The 3m high sculptures, a man and a woman holding a baby, were sculpted with chainsaws from 4 tonnes of ice by Danish artists Soren Nielsen, Morten Moller and Mikael Plougstrup Nielsen. The Maasai are an indigenous African ethnic group of semi-nomadic people located in semi-arid lands in Kenya and northern Tanzania.

Maasai Ice Sculptures

Maasai Ice Sculptures
Maasai Ice Sculptures
Maasai Ice Sculpture

Maasai Warriors in Ice photos are © Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam International. See more at Flickr.

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  • So cool. The drought all over Kenya was disastrous but especially so in Maasai-land. Now, parts of the country are being inundated with huge amounts of rain.

  • David Crane

    I lived 11 years with the Maasai of Kenya, so I appreciate the efforts of these folks to place the world’s spotlight on their plight. But at the end of the day, we’re still left judging an attempt’s viability by its fruit. One of my former colleagues used almost 1 million US dollars to carry out two feeding projects among the Maasai of Kenya in 2009. He didn’t run into lots of other folks seeking to do the same while delivering the food items. He did his work with little fan fare or advertisement. But His tireless efforts made a big difference in a lot of lives at the most critical time. So here’s hoping that this effort to focus attention on a real needs results in the support of people who understand what it’s going to take to make a real and lasting difference.