M16 Show Opener

The PromaxBDA MI6 game conference held in San Francisco, April 1, 2010, began with a spectacular animated short film produced by Fury, NYC. The Show Opener features black and white 3D boxes moving slowly but steadfastly towards a common goal, becoming the building blocks of IGN, Ubisoft, EA, Capcom, 2K, Gamepro Media, G4TV.com, Future Media with Passion, The Ant Farm, Machinima, CPM Star, Midnight Oil Creative, Mojo, Univision, Hammer Creative, Steelbook and Fury. “Its everybody’s game now”.

M16 Show Opener

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The M16 Show Opener was produced at Fury, New York, by creative director/designer Kal Sawaf, producer Andy Millar, designer/animator Yun Wang, designer William Huang, with music by Hesham Nazih.

MI6 is a non-profit association dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness and supporting the success of marketing, promotion and advertising professionals involved in the interactive entertainment community. See more on the Conference blog and PromaxBDA site.

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