Lucozade Alert Plus on the Road

Lucozade Alert Plus is presented as the fuel for split-second decision making in a dream sequence based on CG neural pathways combined with dynamic fluid paintings as filmed by abstract artist Chris Parks. A British driver, in his Triumph GT6, narrowly avoids smashing into a herd of deer during a snowy hazardous night time drive. The shot of the driver’s brain, taken through his eye, shows us the fired up neurons powered by the Lucozade Alert Plus shot he drank before leaving the petrol station.

Lucozade Alert Plus deer

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Lucozade Alert Plus ad was developed at M&C Saatchi, London, by creatives Andrew Long and James Millers, agency producer Peter Montgomery.

Filming was shot by director Sean de Sparengo via Coy! Communications with producer Sara Cummins.

Post production was done at Golden Square by VFX producer Dan Love, 3D artist Mike Little, Flame artists Fasa Oyibo and Tim Rudgard.

This sequence also involves a ‘visualised’ car crash which was built entirely by Golden Square’s CG team in the manner of Too Fast Too Furious. Live action ‘flashbacks’ were also integrated to help narrate the driver’s decision making. These were composited in a Minority Report style.

Film artist was Chris Parks at Chris Parks Art.

Editor was Eve Ashwell at Cut & Run.

Sound was produced at Jungle. Music was produced at Adelphoi.