LICRA Colour Panels Challenge Racism

LICRA, the French organisation focused on challenging racism and anti-semiticism, used colour panels to raise awareness of the unfair treatment of people based on colour of skin. Paint chips, ranging from white through to dark brown, are associated with statistics relating to joblessness, finding a flat, being elected as a public official, and being submitted to police checks. “Let’s do something about discrimination”. The campaign won a Print Gold award at the 2010 Epica Awards.

LICRA colour panels with stats for jobless

LICRA colour panels with stats for finding a flat

LICRA colour panels with stats for being elected to public office

LICRA colour panels with stats for getting police checks


The Colour Panels campaign was developed at Publicis Conseil Paris by creative director Olivier Altmann, copywriter Thierry Lebec and art director Benedicte Potel.

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