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“It’s the Next Big Thing”, LG’s UK advertising campaign for large capacity home appliances, supplements a television advertising campaign with an online portal designed by Kansas City motion graphics and live action company Nailgun*. The overall concept of the campaign imagines a literally larger than life world of giant size clothing drying in the environment.

LG Easter Island

When visitors land on the LG ‘Next Big Thing’ website they are greeted with an overhead shot of a beautifully animated natural LG world. A sweeping camera move brings us up close to the first in a series of iconic animation, a pair of jeans hanging from a giant suspension bridge over a lush blue-green river with a green sock attached with a clothes pin to a wind turbine. Click on the arrows to the left and right of the screen and visitors are whisked away (the pages never refresh) to other animated areas of the LG world, including an Easter Island setting with the famed statues holding a pair of giant overalls; and a cityscape where an enormous men’s shirt hangs between two office towers and giant baby pajamas wave in the breeze from atop the front entrance of an impressive government building. Clicking the on-screen “+” symbols changes the perspective yet again with the camera tilting up toward the blue sky and zooming in to the clothing, revealing both specific information about LG products and the eye-catching details of nailgun*’s animation.

LG Easter Island

LG Easter Island

LG Easter Island


The Next Big Thing digital campaign was developed at VML, Kansas City, a department of Y&R.

Design and animation were produced at nailgun, New York, by creative director Michael Waldron, director of production Erik van der Wilden.

“The idea was to create these big, fun visual comparisons,” nailgun* director of production Erik van der Wilden explains. “Details are extremely important with something like this, which is why we chose to build all of the elements from scratch in 3D, even though it meant dealing with long rendering times. We also spent a lot of time choreographing the camera moves and how visitors would navigate and experience this world. Simple, elegant animation and subtle movements were key for this working creatively”.

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