Lexus Dark Ride

Lexus has launched Dark Ride, a 12.5 minute interactive film, online at, to promote the New Lexus CT 200h premium compact hybrid. Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints) plays Tony, a lovable guy with a wild streak, known as the industry’s top get-away driver. Scott Pruett plays Leon, the top driver of a European gang who are trying to get their hands on the Lexus. The film allows users to play a co-starring role, sitting shotgun as navigator, with extended user-pannable sequences allowing them to take control of the camera’s point of view. Viewers are also able to record their own dialogue lines and make decisions that impact the film’s outcome. Be prepared with web cam, microphone and plenty of bandwidth. See more at Darker Side of Green.

Lexus Dark Ride

Click on the image below to play the trailer in YouTube


The film concept was developed at Skinny NYC by creative director Jonas Hallberg and Liron Reznik, executive producer Jen Dennis.

Filming was shot by director James Brown via Stink Digital with producer Aris McGarry, cinematographer Claudio Miranda, executive producers Daniel Bergmann, Robert Herman, Mark Pytlik, Stefan Dufgran, production designer Dominic Watkins, post production supervisor Steve Reiss, creative technologist Marcel Kornblum, interactive producer Adam McNichol, lead developer Ian McGregor, key developers Jamie Copeland, Matt Sweetman, Benoit Vinay, Javier Abanses, Zenon Olenski, art director Kristian Saliba and designer Josh Smith.

Post production and VFX were produced at Speedshape by VFX supervisor Connor Meechan, VFX producer Arnon Manor, CG supervisor Ilya Astrakhan, executive producer Craig Bernard.

Editor was Jono Griffith at Final Cut, London with assistant editor Chad Hoerner.

Sound was designed by Michael Fakesch at Designing Sounds.